Advanced Art Workshop

In this 6 month, intensive art course one can learn about the basic use of mediums in painting and drawing. Different style and techniques will be taught with reference to art history. This can be a good opportunity for those who are willing to take art as a career and those who have a long passion and keen interest in painting.

The workshop will be conducted by Gautam who is a professional artist and has a Masters in Fine Arts from Shantiniketan.

1st Month:

-Line and form explorations: Introduction of different lines, characters of the line, practice and application in practical work. (Pencil shading/Zentangle/calligraphy/stroking/doodling)

– Form as a balance in visual art, form drawing and discussion on the practice of traditional forms and patterns (rangoli/ Folk art/ gond art/ Aboriginal art etc)

2nd Month

-Study work: still life study in pencil shading, black and white, collage and watercolor. (Objects of different shapes- eye and hand coordination/foliage/ fruits and vegetables)

-Nature study: Landscape study in real space, sense of depth and perspective in nature study (local surroundings/ Botanical garden/ flora and fauna/ trees and buildings/ watercolor and acrylic painting demonstration in outdoor)

3rd Month:

-Portrait and figure study: understanding of proportion in Portrait and figure study. Exercise on expression and movements in the rapid sketch. (Pencil/pen and ink/watercolor/soft pastel/ Acrylic)

4th month:

-Introduction to the history of art: discussion and understanding of art movement from prehistoric to modern period in western art. (Prehistoric/ Egyptian/ Greek-roman/renaissance/ realism/ impressionism)

-Comparison between different art movements and project on it. (Artbook/ notes/copy of great masters)

5th month:

-Composition painting: Painting on a different theme from imagination and creating own composition. (Marketplace/ festival/Picnic/ monsoon/ mountain and river etc)

6th month:

-Indian art: an introduction to Indian art. (Indian miniature/Indian pattern/ temple/ sculpture)

– Indian folk art: introduction to different Indian folk art forms and practice. (Madhubani/patachitra/ gond/worli/cherial etc)

-Final project and portfolio submission. (Portfolio design)

Date and Place:

Sat Nov 17 2018 at 12:00 pm to Sat Jan 12 2019 at 01:30 pm

 Kites And Nine pinS, 4th Floor, Loukya Heights, Botanical Garden Road, Masjid Banda, Kondapur, Masjid…


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