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Scenes from the exhibition

Scenes from the exhibition  


Sutanu Panigrahi’s works are a vibrant interpretation of the major influence on his life, Nature

Tucked in a by-lane in Race Course is the Collective Studio. There is a tall gulmohar tree outside looking into the window. Inside, white walls and antique furniture form the backdrop to Silent Witnesses, an art exhibition-cum-sale of paintings of Sutanu Panigrahi, curated by Rangeeta Murada.

Sutanu is a New Delhi-based illustrator and textile print maker who makes fabrics and tee-shirts using screen painting and batik. In a short profile of himself, the artist says, “Patterns have a soothing effect on me. It is a basic need for me to draw creating patterns. I tend to make small, ordinary moments and turn them into large rich experience.”

Colours of Sutanu

Sutanu grew up in Bhubaneswar and developed a close bond with nature and the tribal community who lived amidst it. Silent Witnesses showcases the influence of this in his work. Animals, plants, insects and birds are repeated themes.

In a painting called ‘Dead Crow’, a cat looks out of the canvas and a dead crow lies next to it. The patterns in the background remind me of the floor tiles used in old homes. In the painting ‘Woodpecker’, the interplay of different shades of green is striking as is the man with tribal patterns on his face.

He stands in a forest and a woodpecker sits in front of him, hiding a portion of his face. A chameleon watches him as a climber with purple flowers forms the background. The harmony between humans and nature forms the core of his works. Another painting called Happy Monkey shows a monkey sitting on the shoulder of a man and examining his hair. The bright orange shirt worn by the man stands out. ‘Red Creepers’ shows a man whose eyes follow a white little moth that flutters by.

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The works are done on board with mixed media and costs ₹19000 to ₹60000.

Till February 12; 10:30 am to 6:30 pm

At Collective Studio, 153-B, Tea Estate Compound, Race Course Road

04224962632 for details

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